[Elfsea] Baronial Investiture at Elfsea Defender

Spence Mabry SMABRY at flash.net
Thu Jul 3 15:32:32 PDT 2003

That means that July is going to be a very, very month 
for several people, including teh populace.

Let's just keep everything as level-headed as we can, 
and pull together to make an out-standing selection 
for our next baron and Baroness.  

And remember, whoever is selected, we need to all pull 
together and stand behind and beside them with all our 
support, proving to all that Elfsea is where "Life Is 

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Subject: [Elfsea] Baronial Investiture at Elfsea 

>I have just received additional information regarding 
this matter from=
> their highnesses.
>Their highnesses have decided that a new Baron and 
Baroness will be=
> invested at Elfsea Defender XXV!
>Hear there words."Greetings,
>After due consideration and the words of many of your 
populace, we have
>decided that We can, indeed, invest a new Baron & 
Baroness at Elfsea
>Defender.  This will require a focused effort from 
your group, yourselves,
>and the candidates."
>Per their highnesses instructions
>Applications from all interested candidates. These 
should go to Their=
> Highnesses, The Kingdom Seneschal, The Vicar and 
Vicaress and the Baronial=
> Seneschal. This should be done as soon as possible, 
but before Kings=
> Roundtable.
>Their highnesses will interview candidates  at Kings 
Round Table ( or other=
> events  as needed).
>Their highnesses intend  to have a polling at the 
next populace meeting.
>Their highnesses hope to  announce the next Baron & 
Baroness  before=
> Pennsic.
>Please cross post to other lists and people as 
>I need the Chronicler to contact me as soon as 
>If you have questions please contact me or the Vicar 
and Vicaress.
>Master Richard Fairbourne=20
>Elfsea Seneschal
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information.  If you
>think you have received this e-mail in error, please 
advise the sender by
>reply e-mail and then delete this e-mail 
immediately.  Thank you.  Aetna

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