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Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 3 22:15:30 PDT 2003


I am pleased to advise that the form for the Steppes Artisan competition is now online.  If you would like to compete for the honour of being the Sixteenth Steppes Artisan, or just to display your creations for feedback from the judges, it would help very much if you could complete the form by July 28th.  This allows us to organize the hall in advance, and also to put the appropriate information on the judging forms.

The registration form can be found at http://www.steppes.org/artisan/preregistration.html and when you hit "SUBMIT" it goes directly to the Registrar.  Confirmations will be sent.  If you do not receive a confirmation within twenty-four hours (allowing for weekends), please check with the Registrar or send it again.  We will cull duplicate forms.

The whole event site is around the form, and should be linked to the Kingdom Calendar online shortly.  Or, you can access it directly through http://www.steppes.org/artisan/index.html  The site includes links to nearby hotels; the complete menu (ingredients lists coming, or email for them) for lunch and dinner; start times for the Artisan, Archery Champion, and Rapier Champion competitions; and other useful information about this year's Steppes Artisan event.

Please feel free to share this on your local lists, for those who do not receive the Kingdom list.

Thank you!

                                                        ---= Morgan, Registrar
                                                                Steppes Artisan XVI

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