[Elfsea] Some thoughts on the "Hat Race"

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While we are pondering difficult questions related to
the furture of our Barony, tere is one question that
has thus far not been asked.  To all the applicants, I
ask you: who is your favorite Darth: Maul or Vader?  

Ld. Einarr.  

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> 	>Xene here:
> 	>I have some other questions that should be
> contemplated:
> 	>1. What do you intend to do about the Canton of
> Loch Ruadh and
> their move to become a Shire? This will
> significantly impact the Barony over
> the next two years.
> 	I don't believe they would benefit by becoming a
> Shire, but if it is
> the will of the vast majority of their members and
> we can work out zip code
> maps that would allow Elfsea to continue growing and
> be connected to
> Dragonsfire Tor, then I would support their becoming
> a Shire. Obviously,
> this would require some negotiation.
> 	>2. What do you intend to do about supporting the
> College of
> ThreeBridges? They may go dormant this year due to
> lack of membership.  How
> do you intend to help keep their SCA-UTA group
> going?
> 	There are several of us who are either current
> students (Pyro and
> Allyson, for instance) or who are alumni (Caelin
> [me], for instance). I
> would propose we form the core of the group and try
> to recruit students to
> make it all work. If there is not enough interest
> from the students to build
> an active group even with our forming a stable core,
> then I would propose we
> leave the College dormant. The students could still
> participate directly as
> part of Elfsea, but without the overhead of the
> College. We can probably
> still get the resources at UTA via the students and
> alumni, but perhaps at a
> slightly higher cost.
> 	>3. What about the Canton of Dragonsfire Tor?  How
> do you intend to
> help them?  Do they want help?
> 	I'm afraid I don't know enough to give you a good
> answer. One of my
> tasks clearly is to find that information, talk with
> many people (as I did
> with Loch Ruadh), and attend their meetings so that
> I might contribute to
> their growth.
> 	>4.  Do you know all the current landed Nobles?  If
> not, you should.
> 	I know many of them, but certainly not all. Pyro
> knows many of the
> past and present nobles.
> 	>5. Do you know the top ten fighters and their
> consorts in the
> Kingdom?  They are most likely to be the next Crowns
> that you will have to
> work with.
> 	I probably know them well enough to call each other
> by name, but I
> can't say many of them are friends yet. Pyro knows
> more than I.
> 	>6.  Do you have a reliable vehicle that can get
> all the "Stuff" to
> and from events?  Perhaps a trailer?
> 	Yes <grin>. My Miata even has a trailer. I believe
> I can get a
> vehicle when I need one (rental or borrow). For
> instance, I gave a used
> pickup to my son who has it working nicely now. I'm
> sure it would be
> available for trade with my Miata for a weekend
> <grin>. I have rented
> vehicles for Gulf War (trucks and vans) and could do
> it for any event that
> required it.
> 	>7.  Do you have a good, period wardrobe for the
> position?  The
> populace gets embarrassed if their landed nobles
> don't look good.  Kind of
> like your parents walking around in front of your
> friends in their old,
> stained undershirts and nightgowns. The working
> wardrobe can be plain, but
> it must be nice and in good order. the court gard
> must be nice.
> 	I have the start of a good period wardrobe and am
> making and
> commissioning more whether or not I become the next
> Baron. Pyro has a very
> extensive wardrobe of very nice things.
> 	>8. The participants of Crown Tourney are required
> to sign a
> statement that state they are financially capable of
> supporting the office
> of the Crown. Are you financially capable of
> supporting the office of Baron
> &/or Baroness of Elfsea?  It is a lot more expensive
> that you might think.
> 	Like many in the Barony, I was not working for a
> period, but I am
> now successfully working contracts at rates that
> will allow Pyro and I to
> afford the position. Pyro is finishing her PhD in
> Physics, but I expect she
> will be bringing in nearly as much as I do by this
> time next year - maybe
> more <grin>.
> 	>9. Do you *really* have the time to spend?  Are
> you able to spend a
> lot of time on the computer and on the phone?  Are
> you willing to work at
> every event you go to, even the non-Elfsea or
> non-Central Region ones? 
> 	I already spend a lot of time on the computer and
> the phone with SCA
> folks. I expect I can continue and extend this. Pyro
> is sometimes busy with
> school, but still has a fair amount of time to work
> with the people of
> Elfsea. We both have worked at every event we have
> attended without regard
> to who hosted it. We Chirurgeon, Waterbearer,
> kitchen staff, and would
> continue to work representing Elfsea.
> 	>And lastly,
> 	>10.  Do you really care for *all* the people in
> the Barony?  Not
> just the ones that show up at meetings, but *all* of
> them?   It takes a
> great deal of love for the group to be able to be a
> good leader. Do you know
> their strengths and weaknesses?
> 	Yes we do. We even care for the people who are not
> members of our
> group, but who live in the area. We want them to
> improve their lives by
> joining us! I can not say I know everyone's
> strengths and weaknesses, but I
> have worked with and watched most of them for some
> time. As Baron and
> Baroness, we would try to put people in situations
> where they could grow
> their strengths and correct their weaknesses.
> 	>I'm sure I could come up with more, but that's
> enough for now.  You
> don't have to answer the questions on the lists, but
> you should have an
> answer, because these questions will come up.
> 	>In Service,
> 	>Xene Theriane
> 	In service to Ansteorra, her Crown, and Elfsea,
> 	HL Caelin on Andrede
> 	Ldy Ker Megan of Taransay (Pyro)

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