[Elfsea] Comments on comments

willow Taylor willowjonbardc at juno.com
Sun Jul 6 14:48:57 PDT 2003

This is a non-hat race comment from Willow de Wisp
> 	>1. What do you intend to do about the Canton of Loch Ruadh 
> and
> their move to become a Shire? This will significantly impact the 
> Barony over
> the next two years.
> 	I don't believe they would benefit by becoming a Shire, but 

I would ague about this. IF Loch Ruadh wants to be a shire then they
should be allowed to do so. I have made the mistake of keeping people
when they wanted to do their own thing. Everytime it turned out bad, very
bad. Loch Ruadh has developed it own self image and needs to grow a while
as a independent unit. I know this would be hard on Elfsea because Loch
Ruadh have done a lot in the Barony. Also if they are working on being a
Barony themselves they may pull people to them. This could be a challenge
to Elfsea, but I think we can handle it. There are enough people out
there to fill two Baronies. 
> 	>2. What do you intend to do about supporting the College of
> ThreeBridges? They may go dormant this year due to lack of 
> membership.  How
> do you intend to help keep their SCA-UTA group going?
> 	There are several of us who are either current students 

I will be a graduate student at UTA this fall. I would be willing to help
the Canton. I can not be an officer untill I get my money in the fall but
then I would be willing to do one of the jobs. As a old time recruter and
organizer I belive UTA hasn't really been tapped. I am sure with a little
effort we can get some people. We will need the Barony support.


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