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Unto Their Royal Majesties Miguel and Conal, Their Royal Highness Ulsted
and Cateau, Mistress Clarissa di Firenze, the wise people of the Barony
of Elfsea, the Canton of Dragonsfire Tor, the Canton of Loch Ruadh and
the College of Three Bridges come greetings from Lord Tomas Niallagain
and Honorable Lady Rixende de Rouen. 

Their Royal Highnesses have granted Elfsea a great honor. This year, at
Elfsea Defender XXV, the Barony will be invested with new Landed
Nobility. At this time we recommend that you, the citizens of Elfsea and
Her Cantons, place your faith and trust in us, as candidates for Baron
and Baroness. 

Elfsea has emerged from a difficult time, and with the strength and
dedication of each person in the Barony, we have been able to emerge
quickly, with grace and honor. Elfsea is a strong Barony, filled with
those of sound mind and willing spirits. This statement is even more
true today than it was when we first wrote it, 2 years ago. The strength
of Elfsea's citizens is what will make it a true honor to serve as Baron
and Baroness. 

We believe that in order to lead, you must serve. Lord Tomas is
currently completing his term as Nautilus Pursuivant, and has held a
Heraldic office almost continuously since he joined the SCA, and has
served four Kingdoms and a Prinicpality. He has also served as
Exchequer. Honorable Lady Rixende currently serves as the Minister of
Arts and Sciences for the Barony, and has served as founding Seneschale
of the Shire of Loch Bais, Glean Abhann and in the duties of Chatelaine.
We have autocrated Kingdom level events in both Atlantia and Meridies,
and served on the event staff of many Elfsea events as well. We served
on several Royal entourages, including Their Royal Majesties Duncan and
Larissa, Lord Tomas as Herald, and Honorable Lady Rixende as Privy
Secretary. We have both been awarded the Portcullis of Elfsea, and Lord
Tomas has been awarded a Sable Crane for service to the Kingdom.

In our travels, we have had the opportunity to meet and become friends
with many people including the Landed Nobilty of Ansteorra and the
Knowne World. We welcome the opportunity to serve the Barony alongside
them. Elfsea's tradition of service and unparalleled skill in the Arts,
Sciences and Martial Arts makes it a shining star in the Ansteorran sky.
We will nuture and grow those talents, skills and dedication as Baron
and Baroness.

Elfsea has already achieved some of what we hoped for Her. We have begun
truly working with and welcoming our newcomers, making sure that they
are taken care of in their formative time with the SCA. However, we can
always do more to foster their growth. We hope to continue this growth
with our newcomers, by hosting more newcomer focused activities and
extending Baronial Hospitality to them at all functions. We would like
to see the Newcomer's Revel become an annual tradition. 

We would like to encourage the growth of our Baronial Army, both on the
Chivalric and Rapier fields. We are encouraged by the return of the
Authurian Company, and look forward to it's strength this year. To this
end, we have been sponsoring cook-outs at fighter practice, and will
continue this in the future.

We have also seen renewed activity from many citizens of Elfsea who had
been inactive. We are happy to see these people come back, but wish to
see even more return. 

There is no possible way that a letter can say all that is in our hearts
and minds. We emplore each of you to talk to us, so that we may learn
your dreams and desires for Elfsea. The dreams of the people are the
dreams of the Barony, for She is nothing without Her citizens.

Faith and trust are jewels that are not given lightly. We ask that each
of you come to us in your own way to satisfy that we are good stewards
of that faith and trust. 

In service to Ansteorra, Elfsea, and her people, 

Honorable Lady Rixende de Rouen and Lord Tomas Niallagain

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