[Elfsea] Re: RE: [Steppes] Open House Leftovers - Books!

Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 7 10:14:57 PDT 2003

> Are you going to make it to Elfsea's business meeting
> tonight?

Unfortunately, no - when it's a choice between business or dance, guess
which one wins for me?  <g>

> If so, could you bring:
> "Revelations: The Medieval World," James Harpur
> (1995) - ISBN 0-8050-4140-0
> "The Anglo-Saxon Age," D.J.V. Fisher (1973) - ISBN 0-
> 88029-894-4
> "Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls,"  Martha Waterman
> (1998) - ISBN 1-883010-48-9
> "Knitting in the Nordic Tradition," Vibeke Lind (1981,
> 1997) - ISBN 1-887374-31-0
> "Amorous Games," James Woodrow Hassel, Jr. (1974) -
> ISBN 0-292-70303-1

"Revelations" and "Lace Shawls" are still available, and in a pile with your
name on it.  The others were already snagged, although I think I might have
another of the "Nordic Tradition" one (I like it, I keep buying it or
getting it as a gift).  I'll let you know.  We can work out some other time
(A&S?) for exchange.

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