[Elfsea] Re: [Steppes] Re: [Ansteorra] A Challenge . . . .

Gerita hpockets at verizon.net
Wed Jul 9 06:26:41 PDT 2003

> > A challenge is issued:  How many of you will answer it?
> How about I question it?

Go right ahead.  In re-reading this, there are a lot of things left to the
> > The Canton of Glaslyn seeks those willing to assist in judging at
> > several levels in several disciplines of the Arts & Sciences of the
> > Known World.  Are you willing?
> Are you talking about at a particular event or just in general? I also
> don't understand what you mean by judging at "several levels".

Yes!  Glaslyn's Artisan of the Flame, coming up August 23 in Lake Dallas.
One event.  One day.
Several levels?  Youth, Novice, Title, and our new Bardic title.  Possibly
another that is currently struggling with rules.



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