[Elfsea] another tropical storm :o(

Kathy Dale pakldr at swbell.net
Wed Jul 9 08:09:41 PDT 2003

Greetings all!

I am relocated to the edge of the universe finally, and, having only been down here a little over 2 weeks I have to say, life is never dull...

Just after arriving, getting my things somewhat packed out of the van and into my little humble abode, we were alerted to tropical storm Bill.  We made plans to possibly evacuate, but the storm was not forming up so were not as worried.  (Plus, Bill made land fall east of here in Louisiana.)  Keep in mind I am in a new learning curve, these are different from tornadoes.  I have now been advised by my landlord that Claudette is much more of a danger as it is already forming up.  (Currently I am in the middle of another thunderstorm, an almost daily occurrence, sigh)

Anyway, was hoping that everyone could keep all of us down here in the coastal and southeastern parts of the state in their thoughts and prayers the next few days.  I hope that this one will dissipate over the water.

Otherwise, I will again be deciding what is most important to me to load up and flee with.  I also have to be prepared to understand that there is the possibility that nothing could be left after the storm.  We also have the sanctuary animals to remove as well.  That actually turns out to be the easy part...

I am not sure I like the weather down here.  I think I would rather deal with tornadoes.
Kathy Dale 
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