[Elfsea] Tudor Women's Garb--Need help quickly!

Ron Hardy rhemail at swbell.net
Thu Jul 10 13:28:06 PDT 2003

Greetings to all on these lists, and my apologies for all the cross posts,

Today I received an interesting and moving request from a local
photographer, and I need help in fulfilling this request.
The photographer is shooting portraits of breast cancer survivors for a
calendar, proceeds from which will benefit the Komen Foundation/Race for the
Cure.  One of the women she is photographing has expressed a deep desire to
be photographed as Anne Boleyn (the theme of the project being about wishes,
dreams, etc).

The photographer's brother was once a landed baron in Caid, and she
naturally thought of the SCA as a place where she could find help. She
cannot afford to rent a costume from a professional rental shop.  She has
asked for the loan of a woman's Tudor garment, size six, for the portrait
session.  To add a little drama to the proceedings, it is needed THIS SUNDAY

Here is my proposal:  I will be at Coronation this weekend, and I would ask
that if you are willing and able to help, please bring (or send) your
garment to Coronation. If you don't know who I am, just ask some
muckety-muck to help you or your envoy locate Lady Steppes.  If anyone in
the DFW Metroplex is reading this and can help, I can just pick the garment
up from you.  I will take personal responsibility for the good care of any
garments or accessories loaned, and will ship them back to the owner(s) at
my expense after they have been properly cleaned.

If you can help me out, please phone me at 214-821-1223 or email me at
khardy12345 at swbell.9net (remove numbers from address to send).  We will be
leaving home about midday tomorrow (Friday) to attend Coronation.  I need to
know something before then.

Thank you all so much in advance for your kind help.  I remain,

For Ansteorra and Steppes

Lady Steppes

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