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Oh, yeah,

I know people complained about us...We sure weren't perfect, either.

At the moot where the candidates got to speak about themselves when we were
chosen, our seneschal, Eowyn, started by having everyone list all the
attributes the populace was looking for in a Baron &/or Baroness.  She
listed such things as patience, good fighter, good artisan, kindness,
hard-working, well-dressed, understanding, etc....At the end she wrote
"Walks on Water".

It reminded us that none of us are perfect enough, and we never will be.  We
could only do our best.

I know how much we heard about our previous B & B's,both good and bad.
However, they got the barony going and kept it going.  They gave it
traditions and worked very hard to provide for everyone.  I agree with
Siobhan about this.  If you don't talk to the person that you have a problem
with, how will they ever know how what the problem is and how to fix it?

In Service,

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  Hey, Folks,
         These questions were not ment to offend anyone. This was not
bitterness talking. Ask yourself, have you complained about any of the last
three B&Bs we had without telling them what your complaint was? Don't answer
this out loud, only you know in your heart. I think a few of you did. Some
came to me before I was in that seat, so I know some of you have. No body is
perfect and your next B&B will be imperfect as well. They will not always do
everything you want them to. But they need to understand more will be
expected of them than they will ever know, and be on the look out.
         I will help our next chosen ones as much as I can. I will treat
them like they are doing an impossible job, because they will be. The
problem with that job is no matter who you know, you can't understand until
it is you.
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