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Are you looking for a way to lend a hand?  Have some spare time and 
want to have some fun?  Be a waterbearer!

Water jugs - We need donations!
The Pennsic waterbearers need your empty bottles!  Please bring any 
clean, gallon-sized plastic jugs up to the battlefield.  There will 
be a clearly marked place to leave them.

War Week Assignments
Each day of the week has been assigned to a particular kingdom or 
group of kingdoms.  The list is below.  On that day, your kingdom is 
responsible for filling jugs, collecting empties and refilling.  It 
may not sound like much, but this is the most labor-intensive part of 
waterbearing at Pennsic - there are over 500 jugs to be filled each 
day!  We will begin filling two hours before each battle.   Since 
battles begin early this year, you can choose to come out the evening 
before to fill jugs as well.   Please give a few hours of your time 
to help.  

Sunday, 8/10 Calontir
Monday, 8/11 East
Tuesday, 8/12 Atlantia
Wednesday, 8/13 Middle
Thursday, 8/14 East Allies
Friday, 8/15 Mid Allies
Saturday, 8/16 Aethelmearc

How to volunteer
We welcome everyone to wants to lend a hand, regardless of the day of 
the week or how much time you have to spare.  There will be a 
waterbearing point near security, and another on the battlefield.  
Please stop by, introduce yourself, and sign up to help.  We do ask 
that you take a waterbearing safety class before assisting on the 
field - see below for details.
. You must be at east 18 years old to bear water on the field.  
Underage volunteers are welcome to help fill jugs and bear water on 
the sidelines.
. Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a 
responsible party at least 16 years old.  Please do not drop off your 
children to help without proper supervision.
. Wear shoes, preferably close-toed.

Classes will be held daily at the waterbearing point on the 
battlefield, and are required before you can do waterbearing on the 
field.  You do not have to take the class if you intend to help on 
the sidelines only.  You do not have to take the class if you have 
attended one at a previous Pennsic or are a waterbearing officer in 
your own kingdom.  Please stop by the waterbearers point for the 
class schedule.

There will be some baldrics available for loaner use.  If you have 
one of your own, please bring it.  

If you are interesting in learning more about running waterbearing at 
large events and would like to be on staff, please contact me 
directly.  There are still some deputy positions available.

Drink up!
Countess Padraigin O'hEachach, OP
Head Waterbearer, Pennsic 32
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