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Greetings Elfsea,

These are our responses to Lord Timothy's questions.

1) Specifically how have you displayed leadership in the area of the
Arts & Sciences?

Rixende has served as Minister of Arts and Sciences for the last year,
organizing many classes and competitions for the Barony. She teaches and
mentors those who wish to learn her primary arts (beadmaking and
costuming,) and works hard to ensure that those who come to her wanting
to learn are pared up with appropriate teachers.  She served as the
Class coordinator for Baronial College, and sponsored the Remnant Wars
along with Dama Anezka and Lady Genevieve. She regularly attends Arts
and Sciences competitions, at which she leaves largess and word fame, in
the name of the Barony of Elfsea's Minister of Arts and Sciences. She
has been a Kingdom Champion for the Gulf Wars Champion Battle for Gulf
Wars XI and XII, and judged at the Gulf Wars XII Champions Battle. She
was recently made a Companion of the Iris of Merit, and has her Sable
Thistle in Beadmaking.

Tomas's primary Art is heraldry. He has fostered many new heralds in the
Barony, in all aspects of the position (this is the primary reason you
see so many different heralds doing Moot, it's the perfect training
court for new court heralds). He is a woodworker (he made the new
Baronial Thrones), and does both sand and RTV casting of many different
metals, and teaches both on an individual basis. He is a great patron of
other arts, and likes to leave largesse. He was recently awarded the
Sable Thistle in Vocal Heraldry.

2) Specifically how have you displayed leadership in the area of
fighting, both Heavy & Light?

Tomas is a skilled fighter; he hosts and teaches at the Wednesday night
unofficial "Fight Nights." We both attend Sunday practices as much as
possible. He is both a field marshal and an authorizing marshal. He is
well respected among other fighters in the Kingdom, and holds a Sable
Falcon. He is authorized in Rapier, but does not fight it often due to
conflicts with Chivalric combat. He is an authorized combat archer, and
fights this style at Gulf War every year for part of the battles. At
Gulf Wars XII, Tomas was the second for Baron Llywellyn, Central
Regional Commander.

Rixende has no desire currently to pick up a blade or combat bow. Her
role is that of support. She strives to set an example by supporting her
husband on the field, since he fights for her honor. She brings the
bar-b-que grill out and feeds those who attend fighter practice about
once a month, and makes sure that water and/or Gatorade is available to
all fighters at these practices. She also provides the use of "cool
ties" for those in attendance to help cool them down.

3) How do you display leadership in the area of service within the

Tomas and Rixende both serve as Baronial officers. Tomas is currently
the Captain of the Baronial Guard. We help with set-up, tear down,
planning and working at events and demos for the Barony. We help in
loading and unloading and the maintenance of Baronial property. We
believe that to lead you must serve. We also will not ask anyone else to
do a job we are not willing to do ourselves.

4) Do you believe any of the above would change if you become B&B?

Our roles in the above activities would change, but our level of
involvement would not. 

5) Gulf Wars is very important to our Barony, especially in service
hours and a sense of community, how have you supported these efforts?

Gulf War for us is a like a big family reunion. We have lived in many
Kingdoms, most of which are heavily represented at the War. Because of
this, we have traditionally camped with our extended family from around
the Knowne World. Many of you know our camp and have joined us around
that campfire. Should we be graced with the position of Lord and Lady
Elfsea, we will camp for the duration of our time on the thrones with
Elfsea in the Ansteorran encampment. All of our service points go to
Elfsea, we already spend most of our time with Elfsea, and Tomas fights
with Elfsea. Rixende teaches at the war, and was one of three who worked
on the Baronial walls for the encampment.

In Service to Ansteorra, Elfsea and the Dream,

Lord Tomas Niallagain and Honorable Lady Rixende de Rouen

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