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Elizabeth Pendarves! Whadda I get ;-)

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Thank you Lord Tomas for your report of Elfsea's strong presence at 
Coronation this past weekend. In addition to those that fought in the
Champion battle and those that received recognition in court, I want to 
thank everyone that was able to attend and demonstrate Elfsea's unity
support of the kingdom. Including the children, we had well over 40
souls in 
attendance. Including Airaklee, Alaric Drake, Alaric Greythorn, Anezka, 
Arabella, Arnbjorn, Beowolf, Caelin on Andrede, Caelin (of Medb and
Cassandra, Ceinwen, Crescentia, Daire, Daniel of Elfsea, Daniel Stewart,
Darius, Donnel, Fearghus, Genvieve, Guillome, Irina, Isabella, Jackson, 
Jerrod, Ker Megan, Llywellyn, Louie, Madellena, Medb, Morgan MacKenzie, 
Philip, Raimond, Rixende, Romanius, Rosalia, Seamus, Sibri, Siobhan Ni 
Fearghus, Siobhan ui Niall, Timothy, Tomas, Treavor, Tristan, Virgil, 
Vivaine, William, Xene. And though she couldn't be present, we owe a
debt of 
Thanks to Mistress Stella for providing the barony's gift to the new

Thank you, Elfsea, well done! 

And I have a small gift for that person who can first identify the
missing from above. 

Armand Dragonetti 
Lord Elfsea 

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Coronation was very enjoyable. 

Elfsea showed well in the Kings Champion tourney. Lord Armand did slay 
Duke Patrick Michael and advanced far into the list. Sir Alexis defeated
both Lord Daire and me; in the round robin finals; to prove victorious, 
and serve as King Ulstead's Champion. 

The service of Elfsea was also prevalent upon the field. Many of the 
marshals and water-bearers were from Elfsea, including our children. 
Daniel and Caelin were wonderfully persistent with their water, 
Gatorade, and spritzer bottles. 

Their Majesties Miguel and Conal in their final court elevated Centurion
Virgil von Augsburg to the Order of the Chivalry, as Ansteorra's newest 
Knight. They also recognized Master Iolo as Ansteorra's newest Lion. 

We have new Crowns; King Ulstead and Queen Cateau. During Their 
Majesties premier court Sir Miguel and Honorable Lady Conal were granted
Counties, with Countess Conal being inducted into the Order of the Rose 
as well. 

Vivat Elfsea 
Vivat Ansteorra 

Lord Tomás 

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