[Elfsea] Re: A good day at Coronation

Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Mon Jul 14 15:25:28 PDT 2003

From: "Armand Dragonetti" <dragonetti at generich.com>

>I thought Tara was your mundane name and Siobhan Ni Fearghus was SCA. I
>remember chatting with you at feast, but who have I confused your name with?
>My lady liked your purple dress!

My good Vicar, allow me to help clear this up...

Siobhan ni Fearghus, whom I did not see at Coronation, is a wonderfully artistic newcomer to our Barony, who has spent a great deal of time working on insignia of late at Mistress Stella's, and has joined with her mother.  She resides in the southern parts of your lands, near Mistress Stella's manor.  Mundanely she does work as a face painter.

The lady mudanely known as Tara is also a newcomer to our organization who has but recently selected the name Sabine le Curter to be known by within our Society.  She has displayed a keen interest in Heraldry of late as well as other areas of interest.  She lives within the easter portions of your lands, near the lands of Lord Seamus & Lady Genevieve.  Mundanely she works for a very large mortgage company.

We are blessed to have both with us within Elfsea, though only one of these travelled to Coronation, and that would be Sabine/Tara.

Timothy of Glastinbury

P.S. > I do believe your list also lacks my friend, and newcomer, David Goodner.  And Jackson is fully Christopher Jackson, and I hope to see more of both he and David in the coming months.

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