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As of 5:45 this afternoon, they only had two left on the shelf. Make sure 
that you get the 15% off. The lady who rang me up forgot to do it.

I got mine. ;-)
Gabriele deB

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>For those interested, the Half Price Books on Preston (just north of LBJ) 
>has several copies of this book, which is subtitled "The Tudor Kitchens of 
>King Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace."  Sticker price is $9.98, and they 
>are having 15% off your whole purchase due to remodeling.  This is the 
>British version (is there an American one?) and combines descriptions of 
>each room or area with recipes (unhappily, no originals that I've seen so 
>far) and instructions, and quite a lot of photographs and drawings.  
>Extensive bibliography and sources given for all recipes, and you even 
>learn how many servings were expected per creature and what they might 
>I got mine!  <G>
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