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This last Sunday I tried to teach a Class on Pewter Casting . . . . . .
. . But as things went and conversations flow, I also wound up teaching
Basic Brewing 101 and Period Pyrotechnics as well.  But over all I hope
that the information came across and that those who stopped had fun.

Out of the class came several good ideas that I wanted to pitch out to
others for comment.  The first set of ideas is 'How to get the most of
what we have', the second set being the actual for of the Token itself.

How to get the most of what we have:

Idea/Comment: If we're going to spend $200 for really nice keep-sakes,
and we have all of these wooden Tokens from years past; could we not use
the wooden tokens for the children and spend a little more on the really
nice ones?
My Answer:  Sounds like a good idea, let's see what the autocrats think
about that one.  By the way, I've dug through the Baronial box labeled
'Site Token Materials' and have found that we have about 150 painted
wooden tokens.  So it is a workable idea if it is chosen.

Idea/Comment:  We've made pewter tokens in the past and had some left
over.  Is there any way that we can retrieve the metal and do something
else with it?
My Answer:  Sounds like a good idea, let's see what the autocrats think
about that one.  By the way, I've dug through the Baronial box labeled
'Site Token Materials' and have not found any of the old site token
other than the painted disks or beads.  So if anyone knows where to find
the old pewter site tokens, I'd love to know where they are.

Ideas for the actual form of the Token:
A miniature spur on a key chain
A small adjustable ring with blue cabochon
A Generic Celtic broach with a pin backing
General broaches and badges with pin backing
A pair of Elfsea Dice ('Living in Elfsea is Paradise')
Commemorative coin, general
Commemorative coin with the profiles of the New Baron and Baroness
Two-part locket with Elfsea Motto on the inside
An Arabic Tassel with a cast scallop cap and dangling sword or badge

Now when I was able to show people that it really doesn't cost a whole
lot more to add 1" pin backings (cast in place, $0.05/ec.), or put
something on a key chain ($0.10/ec.) or some of the stones, people came
out with even more ways to make it look fancy.  OK, it's a little time
consuming, but well worth the effort.

If someone would like, I can take and re-do the drawings that were given
to me, scan them in and send then out if someone wants to post it to a
web site for people to vote on.

But we are still looking for ideas . . . . . . . And more importantly,
for someone who wishes to learn the various arts of production artwork
to step forward to make the things.  I will help in whatever capacity
that I can, but it is also time for someone to step up to the challenge.

And if you were not able to attend the class this last weekend, I will
be teaching it one more time (same time, same place) on July 27th.  And
if you can draw, you can sculpt . . . . . . And the rest is smooth
sailing from there.

-------------  Gustav

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