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The first time was the last half of Xene and Llwelyn's B&B plus the first half of Galen and Allesandra's B&B and the second was when my successor in that job, Siobhan became the Baroness. I held the job for about two months until Fearghus was chosen as Siobhan's permanent replacement. This was part of an agreement made with the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal to prevent getting a new B&B and Seneschal at the same time.

So I went from being an ARS (Association of Retired Seneschals) to a FARS (Formerly in the Association of Retired Seneschals) - try to pronounce them aloud to get the joke. I have become an ARS again. Sigh.


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>Since I suffer from "CRS" and since this is such a close "hat race", I am 
>making a little chart to help me compare all the qualifications of the 
>candidates.  Right now I am working on previous offices held and length of 
>time involved;  I know you were Seneschal twice, but the dates have eluded 
>me.  Help???
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