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Yes, while visualizing Sabine, I listed her as Siobhan Ni Fearghus, who was
actually back home in Elfsea. While it is true that I purposely left out my
own lady and myself, Lady Elizabeth Pendraves (sp?), David (friend of
Timothy's), and Virgil and Ceniwen's children are the ones I did not have a
chance to visit with and were saddly missing from the original list. Thank
you all for helping me recognize everyone who made the long journey in
support of the kingdom & barony. I believe HL Rixende's email was
time-stamped earliest. Several more came privately.

In the service of kingdom, crown and Elfsea, I remain,
Armand Dragonetti
Lord Elfsea

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I'll take a stab....

Sabine <tara>
Viccares Amiliene


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>Thank you Lord Tomas for your report of Elfsea's strong presence at
>Coronation this past weekend. In addition to those that fought in the
>Champion battle and those that received recognition in court, I want to
>thank everyone that was able to attend and demonstrate Elfsea's unity and
>support of the kingdom. Including the children, we had well over 40 souls
>attendance. Including Airaklee, Alaric Drake, Alaric Greythorn, Anezka,
>Arabella, Arnbjorn, Beowolf, Caelin on Andrede, Caelin (of Medb and Daire),
>Cassandra, Ceinwen, Crescentia, Daire, Daniel of Elfsea, Daniel Stewart,
>Darius, Donnel, Fearghus, Genvieve, Guillome, Irina, Isabella, Jackson,
>Jerrod, Ker Megan, Llywellyn, Louie, Madellena, Medb, Morgan MacKenzie,
>Philip, Raimond, Rixende, Romanius, Rosalia, Seamus, Sibri, Siobhan Ni
>Fearghus, Siobhan ui Niall, Timothy, Tomas, Treavor, Tristan, Virgil,
>Vivaine, William, Xene. And though she couldn't be present, we owe a debt o
>Thanks to Mistress Stella for providing the barony's gift to the new Crown.
>Thank you, Elfsea, well done!
>And I have a small gift for that person who can first identify the name(s)
>missing from above.
>Armand Dragonetti
>Lord Elfsea
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>Subject: [Elfsea] A good day at Coronation
>Coronation was very enjoyable.
>Elfsea showed well in the Kings Champion tourney.  Lord Armand did slay
>Duke Patrick Michael and advanced far into the list. Sir Alexis defeated
>both Lord Daire and me; in the round robin finals; to prove victorious,
>and serve as King Ulstead's Champion.
>The service of Elfsea was also prevalent upon the field.  Many of the
>marshals and water-bearers were from Elfsea, including our children.
>Daniel and Caelin were wonderfully persistent with their water,
>Gatorade, and spritzer bottles.
>Their Majesties Miguel and Conal in their final court elevated Centurion
>Virgil von Augsburg to the Order of the Chivalry, as Ansteorra's newest
>Knight. They also recognized Master Iolo as Ansteorra's newest Lion.
>We have new Crowns; King Ulstead and Queen Cateau.  During Their
>Majesties premier court Sir Miguel and Honorable Lady Conal were granted
>Counties, with Countess Conal being inducted into the Order of the Rose
>as well.
>Vivat Elfsea
>Vivat Ansteorra
>Lord Tomás
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