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Ahh questions and more questions! Well after giving these questions alot of
thought here are our answers to Ld Tristans questions.

1. Have the Candidates read Corpora and Kingdom law?

Yes we have. Rosalia is at the end of a term as a Greater Officer of State
and Darius has held Kingdom level offices we have each read the governing
documents of our society and Ansteorra.

2. Have the Candidates read the sections in Corpora and Kingdom law
regarding the responsibilities of Landeds?

Yes we have

3.  What are your short and long term goals in the SCA?

I have made my goal of attaining a White Scarf fairly well known by becoming
a cadet.  I would also like to one day win Kingdom Eisteddfodd.  Other than
that I have continuing goals of learning new art forms as well as improving
my current arts.  I also have the personal commitment of continuing to work
with my apprentices and students.

Recently I have achieved my long-term goal of becoming Star Principal
Herald.  Of course, the long time dream of becoming a peer has happened as
well.  I have currently found that I am in a time of transition where I am
thinking of what else do I really want to do.  However for the short-term, I
will continue to work for the Kingdom and College of Heralds for quite some
time to come as well as furthering my skills in the fiber arts, period
costuming, period cooking, and fighting on the rapier field.  More than
anything I want to help my protégé and students along with everyone else
attain the goals and dreams that they have.

4. How will being B&B affect your goals?

Being a Landed Baron would likely slow down my progress toward a White Scarf
as I would be focusing on much more than just fighting and the rapier
community at practices and tourneys, but I would most certainly continue
striving toward that goal.  My goal of Kingdom Bard would go on the back
burner until I could be sure I could give it and the Kingdom Bardic
community the attention they deserve without interfering with my commitment
to the Barony.  This may well wait until after we would step down. I would,
however, continue working in this and all my fields of artistic endeavor.
My personal commitment to my apprentices and students would remain

As I am currently in this transition of long term goals, becoming Baroness
would mean that the Health and Welfare of the Barony would become my
immediate goal.  As with Darius I would continue my personal endeavors and
my commitment to my protégé and students would remain unchanged.

5. How will your Goals affect your job as B&B?

Our goals will help us remember that all members of our populace have goals
and we must lead by example by continuing to attend to our own.  Having
attained many of our larger long term goals in the society we can understand
and relate to those trying to get started or to push themselves to a higher
level.  The words of encouragement and faith of the Baron and Baroness can
make the difference between continuing on that path and giving up.

6. To those candidates who have children, how do your kids feel about you
putting in for the hats? (this affects them to)

Our children are in support of us putting our names in.  They understand
that this places them in a position of higher visibility and that they will
end up giving up some of the time they are accustomed to spending with us.
Amanda (10 Years old) gives the proviso that she still wants to do water
bearing and help with serving feast.  Debra (just shy of 15 Years old) says
as long as she is allowed to try things that look interesting to her (like
changing her persona again), she's happy.

7. How do you define the roll and responsibilities of the Baron and Baroness
of Elfsea?

For the textbook Kingdom Defined Responsibilities, they are published in
Kingdom Law in Article III section 3 and in Copora.  I encourage any one who
has not read Kingdom Law to do so.  Kingdom Law can be found online at
http://www.ansteorra.org/publications/law/2001ansteorralaw.pdf . Your rights
and duties as populace members of the Kingdom of Ansteorra are also outlined
in Article IV

For how I would try to explain the Rolls and Responsibilities to someone,
well that is a longer answer including the above and adding the following.
The Baron and Baroness must fill several rolls.  As the personal
representative of the Crown, they must be the direct liaison of Their
Majesties to the populace of our lands.  This includes communication to the
populace of Kingdom issues affecting Elfsea, Loch Ruadh, Dragonsfire Tor,
and ThreeBridges.  As well as being a consistent and direct point of contact
for these groups to present issues to the Crown and, if needed the Great
Officers of State.  As the personal representative of Elfsea to the Kingdom,
the Baron and Baroness should present the carriage and appearance of all
that is good in Elfsea.  When people from outside our lands see the Baron
and Baroness they should perceive from them that Elfsea is a great place to
live and play.  As leaders of the Barony, as well as the Cantons and the
College, the Baron and Baroness need to be available and accessible to the
populace.  This means listening to and asking for advice and counsel, as
well as asking for input and recognizing efforts on the local and kingdom
levels.  Whether this is by word fame, personal thanks, Baronial awards, or
recommending individuals for Kingdom Awards, if the Baron and Baroness are
out of touch with the people they mean to lead, then many awards that are
well deserved will be overlooked or even forgotten.

As individuals
The Baron and Baroness must remember they are only human and they are going
to make mistakes.  They must also remember that they have made the
commitment and accepted the responsibility of the position they hold and
that they are now the representatives of an ideal, as well as individual
members of the SCA.  Because of this they must be willing to recognize and
claim ownership of their mistakes and do all they can to fix the problems.

8. Why to you want to be my Baron and Baroness?

We care deeply about all of Elfsea, the Cantons of Loch Ruadh and
Dragonsfire Tor, as well as College of ThreeBridges.  We care as much for
those people that call it home.  Above all we want to see Elfsea and all the
members of her populace prosper and succeed in their endeavors.  We believe
we can help make this happen.

In service to Elfsea and Ansteorra,
Darius of the Bells, OL
Rosalia di Bellavita, OP

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