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After sitting back and observing listening and reading the questions and answers posted on the list I decided to post several of my own. The following questions need to be thought about but not necessarily answered in a public forum so feel free to answer privately if you wish. 
1. Have the Candidates read Copora and Kingdom law?
Yes, and though I can not quote it from memory, I know where to find it to find the answers I need.

2. Have the Candidates read the sections in Copora and Kingdom law reguarding the responsibilities of Landeds?
Again, yes.  However, I plan to re-read it again (and again, and again and ...)

3. What are your short and long term goals in the SCA?

My short term goals are to become a Pelican.  I am a Protege and feel I have more work to do before I reach that goal.  As for long term goals, it has always been my goal to have fun and learn and to share that fun and learning.  I have been doing that for years and will continue in that direction.  I will also continue support people with their goals and have fun doing it.

4. How will being B&B affect your goals?

Being a Baron is in direct line for my goal as it is a service position.

5. How will your Goals affect your job as B&B?
As stated above, I will contiue to support everyone in their goals and since that has always been my goal.
6. To those candidates who have children, how do your kids feel about you putting in for the hats? (this affects them to)

I have no children except myself, 2 cats and 2 dogs.  They have yet to offer up an opinion, however I expect them to any time now. 
7.How do you define the roll and responsibilities of the Baron and Baroness of Elfsea?

I see the role of Baron and Baroness as the "Game" masters of the SCA. It is their job to encourage, support, guide, coach, redirect, lead, and follow.  Since this is a public job in front of the Crown, Kingdom and Populace, they need to be able to do his at all levels of the organization.

Why to you want to be my Baron and Baroness?

I have asked myself this question many times.  I wish to return to you, the Barony and my family, the love which you have shown me over the years.  I have a long history with this barony, and can safely say that everyone is my friend.  In addition, I have extensive experiences to draw from in both my mundane and SCA careers.  I also believe I have the people skills needed to communicate the Baronies wish to the Crown and Kingdom.

I would like to add that I am humbled to be in the company of everyone who has stepped forward for this position and do support all of you in this and all of your endeavers.
HL Raimond


As always if you would like more information, feel free to contact me.
Thank you.

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