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1. Have the Candidates read Copora and Kingdom law?

Yes, we have read both several times and are very familiar with them. 

2. Have the Candidates read the sections in Copora and Kingdom law
reguarding the responsibilities of Landeds?

We re-read them while considering placing ourselves as candidates for
Baron and Baroness.

3. What are your short and long term goals in the SCA?

Tomas' short term goal is to finish healing all of the little aches and
pains he has allowed to develop while training and fighting on the
chivalric field, hopefully without losing any of the skills he has
developed. In the long term he hopes to one day be considered worthy of
being a Knight. 

Rixende's short term goals involve clothing our current crop of
newcomers, and providing quality Arts and Sciences opportunites within
the Barony and it's groups. She is also hoping to show well at Steppes
Artisan, in more disciplines than she has previously. Her long term
goals include being recognized as a Peer of the realm, as a Laurel, and
having her SCA research in glass beadmaking recognized and published

4. How will being B&B affect your goals?

Tomas' short term goals should be realized prior to an investiture with
new ones formed along the way. With the long term goal of Knighthood,
being Baron would mean that he will not be able to fight at some events.
However, the road to Knighthood is a long journey of self development,
and serving as Baron will help to increase those qualities of a Peer
that can not be learned on the fighting field. 

Rixende's short term goal for clothing newcomers would not change.
Newcomers are our future, and they must have clothing that they feel
comfortable and attractive in. As Baroness, she will work to help
whomever is her replacement in the Minister of Arts and Sciences
position to continue to provide quality opportunities for development of
our Artisans. As Baroness, she will be less active in the arts and
sciences as a competitor and organizer, but will continue to practice
her arts and expand her role as a Patron of the Arts and Sciences.
Serving as Baroness will provide many opportunities to develop the
qualities of a Peer that augment her skills as an artisan.

5. How will your Goals affect your job as B&B?

Tomas' short term goals will not affect his job as Baron. Being a Knight
is not just about Prowess, but also the knightly virtues of Courage,
Honesty, Fidelity, Loyalty, Courtesy, Generosity and Franchise. Striving
to exemplify these virtues within himself should augment the role of
Baron, as a Noble of our society should also exhibit these virtues. 

Rixende's goals are very fluid, and as such her long term goals will not
affect her service as Baroness. Long term goals, just like the term
implies, mean long term dedication and commitment. As Baroness, she will
continue striving toward her long term goals. The responsibilities of
being Baroness will be her first priority, and as such, she will expect
a slower artistic progression. 

6. To those candidates who have children, how do your kids feel about
putting in for the hats? (this affects them to)

He thinks it will be "cool" for Mommy and PaPa to be Baron and Baroness.
Daniel is a very mature 5 year old. He is very supportive of his parents
and is as prepared for it as a 5 year old can be. He understands that we
will not be available to him at times due to our duties. Ask him
personally when you see him, he loves to talk (we don’t know where he
gets that).

Also, we have a wonderful support staff within our household that can
help with him at events when we are unable to be there ourselves for

7. How do you define the roll and responsibilities of the Baron and
of Elfsea?

They must stay informed and involved in the day-to-day running of the

The Baron and Baroness of Elfsea are the Crown's representatives to the
Barony. They are the voice of the Crown to Elfsea, but perhaps more
importantly, they are the voice of the people of Elfsea to the Crown.
They are entrusted with the faith and hope of the people of the Barony.
They must always represent Elfsea in the best possible way, and keep
Elfsea first in their minds. They are stewards of the dream, and as such
they must foster an environment where each person's individual dreams
can flourish. They must hold court, and do so with the stature and
bearing of a Noble.

8. Why to you want to be my Baron and Baroness?

Because we are leaders by nature, and wish to use those skills to help
guide Elfsea. We are a strong couple, who compliment each other well,
and can handle the duties and the responsibilities that come with the
honor. We feel that we can represent Elfsea well in Ansteorra and across
the Knowne World.

In Service to Ansteorra, Elfsea and the Dream,

Lord Tomas and Honorable Lady Rixende 

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