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Can you name the Nine Heroines.? 


On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 18:19:52 -0500 "Morgan Cain \(Ansteorra\)"
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> > Just out of curiosity how did this Duchess even hear of Judas
> > Macabbee?, was she Jewish by any chance? Just wondering?
> Tegwared, Judas Maccabeus was one of the Nine Worthies in their most 
> popular
> configuration.  These Worthies constituted three trios, one from the 
> Ancient
> World, one from the Classical World, and one from the "Modern" (to 
> the 14th
> Century) or Christian world.  They were well-known to the Christian 
> world
> that created them from the mid-14th-Century onwards.  So, unless Her 
> Grace
> is very early, she would have heard all about the Worthies, Judas 
> Maccabeus
> included.  It's interesting to study how this bit of Jewish history 
> ended up
> in the Catholic bible.
> Each Worthy had certain traits that a man was to emulate, and was 
> also
> assigned armory (I think four of the nine had their own, the others 
> got
> fanciful arms) so that he could be more easily recognized in an 
> allegorical
> setting.  They were often used as symbols of how man SHOULD behave,
> something like an early Hall of Fame of Chivalry and Comportment.  
> Some
> tellers gave each a distinct trait, sometimes they had more than 
> one, or the
> traits overlapped.  Almost all the Worthies are warriors.
> I've done a lecture on the Nine Worthies for several years, ever 
> since I
> stumbled across a reference and was fascinated.  It usually scores 
> as a
> philosophy class.
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