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Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 22 07:29:21 PDT 2003

> Where did you get this list?? Is It period?
> The two list I have are different. The Marchese Tommaso II of Saluzzo
> list a bunch of Amazons.  Jacques Iverny painted  This list in 15th
> century.
> Semiramis, Lampheto, Marpasia, Synoppe, Thamiris, Menalippe, Hippolyta,
> Orithyia,  and Penthesilea
> The other list I have is from a late 16th century Heraldry book
>        Deborah, Judith, Jael (Jewish)
>        Minerva, Semiramis, Thamiris (Classical)
>        Matilda of England, Joanna of Naples, Isabel of Spain (Christian)

The lists for women seem to be MUCH more fluid than the one for men.  I took
two or three lists of women (one from the Burgkmayr engravings of 1516, the
other is French) and chose the ones that I liked best.  It seems very much
to be the way that all the lists were devised.  I prefer the lists that were
more in line with the male Nine Worthies, on the scheme that Dryden
summarized so well:

        "Nine Worthies were they called, of different rites:
         Three Jews, three pagans, and three Christian knights."

That's why I don't like the all-Amazon version.  The symmetry and
recognition of other Worthy Women makes it easier for me to teach the
lessons of the Nine Worthies as equivalently female traits.

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