[Elfsea] My "ideal" Baron & Baroness of Elfsea are:

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Wed Jul 23 05:29:32 PDT 2003

I would like to commend Caelin on asking his question.  If more people asked similar questions, Elfsea would not be in its current situation.  I was once told that all great leaders will ask questions, They will consult with their officers, past leaders and their populace.  Sometimes it is easy to think that everyone should know the answer to such simple questions, but everyone has a somewhat different answer and it is this sharing of ideas that promotes unity and cooperation.  I have watched many Barons and Baronesses and crowns and I think that the things that Dana listed are all very important and very true.  However, I would like to add that I would like the new B & B to take two things into consideration.  1. Starting to revive the old practice of mentoring within the group, taking someone under a wing and helping them grow to be a vital part of the SCA.  I am not saying they should do it all, but the populace will follow their example.  To this day Simon and Tessa hold a
 special place in my heart as they showed me the ropes.  2.  Encourage the officers of this barony to recruit from and listen to their populace.  Being a good administrator means you utilize your resources.  There appears to be a long time trend that needs to be broken of officers thinking they have to do everything and excluding the populace, then they complain about not getting any help.  This is not a slight against the current officers, this has been a long time problem and one of the reasons a lot of old timers don't play locally anymore.  There are many wonderful talented people in this Barony who would love to help with various projects if they are just given the chance.  So I say to whomever the B & B are, get to know ALL  of your populace and utilize them.  I know this was long, but I needed to get it off my chest.
Lady Elysandre Gernier

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