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Greetings, Madelina,

I loved the story of the doctor.  I would like to dissect the story one step
further.  The doctor dealt with the "issue", but he also had an efficient,
well-trained staff (the nurse) that he trusted to take care of the problem.
The doctor and the nurse had either dealt with this situation or a similar
situation - and knew exactly what to do.  The nurse didn't drop the "issue"
because she had her feelings hurt, nor did she run around complaining to all
of her friends about what the doctor made her do.  She did her job - even
the messy part.

They were well-trained and experienced.  Prior planning prevents poor
performance. If you don't anticipate a problem and have a plan in place,
hopefully, somewhere from your past experience, you can think on your feet
and come up with a plan.

Daniel also did *not* say that there weren't any qualified applicants for
the position of B &/or B.

He said that "it makes it a most difficult choice because there are no
unacceptable choices in the running." The double negative in the sentence
means that *all* the applicants are acceptable and he is finding it
difficult to choose.

Llywelyn and I both had to be Atilla the Hun and Mother Theresa, so I
understand exactly what Daniel is talking about. Like a mother with her lion
cubs, our leaders must be very protective, confrontational and strong -
sometimes to the point of being a hard-ass, as well as being loving and

I heard something yesterday, as well, that applies to the SCA.  "A Leader is
a servant to the people."

Despotissa Xene Theriane, OL, OP

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Lord Daniel, your post reminded me of a situation in a doctor's office my
mother witnessed:

The doctor is examining a newborn.  When the diaper came off, the newborn
proceeded to have a bowel movement right into the doctor's (gloved) hand.
With a deft movement, he pulled off the glove, turning it inside out as he
did so, and passed it off to the nurse, asking her to please take care of
the problem.

I see an analogy to the B&B: have capable people in your entourage who can
quickly clear away minor annoyances in order for you to continue your

Lord Daniel, I respectfully disagree with your opinion that there are no
qualified candidates for Baron and Baroness.  There are several couples, not
to mention several people who didn't put in a bid.

My thoughts are that the B&B should be people with a sense of Elfsea's
history - how long was Elfsea a Shire before becoming a Barony, for
instance?  Why did Elfsea split from the Steppes in the first place?  They
should be active members for at least five years, preferably longer.  They
should be able to travel, not just in the Central Region.  And they should
recognize the natural progression of growth - such as a Canton maturing into
a Shire being a positive reflection upon the Barony.

But these are just my opinions, as well, and I know what they're worth - mes
deux sous.

Madame Madelina de Lindesay
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