[Elfsea] two quick questions for the Baronial candidates

David Knebel herault2 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 24 14:28:51 PDT 2003

Good Lady,

  If something were to happen which would require us take a hiatus it
would have to be rather tragic to keep me away form the close friends
and family I have developed over the years.  That being the case, I
would feel a little hurt by the separation but I know I would feel a lot
of determination to minimize the time apart.  
   Since the type and amount of free time I would have would entirely
depend on what caused the hiatus in the first place.  I imagine that I
would read, write or call my friends and family, and if physically
capable I would work in my shop.  I would also try to keep physically
active. I hope this helps.
I remain,

 Ever in service,


1. If something happened to you, either financially or healthwise
(Heaven forbid!), that caused you to have to take a year-long hiatus
from the S.C.A., how would you feel? (crushed? relieved?, etc.)

2. In the above situation, what would you do with your free time?

Feel free to cross-post to the other lists.  I didn't because I'm not
subscribed to DFT & I use a different email address for LR.

Madelina de Lindesay
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