[Elfsea] two quick questions for the Baronial candidates

Madelina de Lindesay loganclan at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 24 16:31:55 PDT 2003

Thanks to everyone for responding to this seemingly hypothetical and unlikely scenario.

In case you were wondering about the point behind my questions, it is related to the hiatus my family and I had to take a few years back.  Some of you may not know that I have played for 12 years this coming Defender, and that Logan started playing in Atenveldt back in '76 or '77.  I was amused to feel almost like a "newbie" upon my return to Elfsea.

When we were away (closer to two years, if my memory serves me), we were only 100 miles to the northwest, but still far from a group (40 miles to a populace meeting in Brad Leah).  Our situation made it very difficult to play, and email was not as prevalent back then as it is now.  We lived in a rural area, and were unable to access email for a while, until service was extended to that area.

I know I felt very depressed by the whole situation, and missed everyone terribly.  I admit I was a bit suprised and saddened, though, that only one or two people made a point to stay in fairly constant contact with me.  True, I had some extenuating circumstances that made doing anything related to the S.C.A. difficult, but in retrospect, I see where I could have done more studying, learning, sewing, & etc.

What I was hoping to glean was perhaps how the candidates perceive they would handle disappointment, feelings of being exiled or neglected, and/or depression.  When at events, most people are happy, excited, upbeat, etc., so it isn't often one can truly understand the darker moods of a person unless they happen to be a very close friend.  But often, those moods affect a person's judgement, particularly in a difficult situation.  And it seemed pointless to come out and ask, "how do to respond to disappointment, anger, etc.", because it is human nature to pretty up a response to that sort of question.

Regards, and best of luck to all the candidates.


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