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I second this!


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>Thank you, Siobhan, for your kind words and excellent 
advice.  I would only
>disagree with one thing.  You do have influence.  If 
the people of Elfsea
>did not respect your judgment they would not have 
asked you to serve as
>Seneschale or Baroness.  Your words here show your 
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>Greetings Elfsea,
>    You haven't heard from me a lot lately because I 
have been working long
>hours at Wally World, the supercenter at North 
Richland Hills. However, I
>have some comments on the future landed nobility in 
our faire Barony.
>    First of all, as a former baroness who now has 
absolutely no influence
>at all, I would like to say that I think all of the 
candidates are equally
>qualified for the job. Our Vicar and Vicaress, who 
are very honest people
>and who have held offices in this Barony, hobnobbed 
with Royalty, and made
>friends all over the Kingdom, will do what they think 
is best for Elfsea.
>Darius and Rosalia are peers, both in their own 
right, and have done much
>for this Barony and Kingdom. Need I say more? Raimond 
is about the hardest
>worker I have ever seen. William and Cassandra have a 
long history with the
>SCA, Ansteorra, and Elfsea and have experience many 
of us can only imagine.
>Rixende and Tomas have worked hard for Elfsea since 
they arrived and have
>much experience with entourages, etc. Caelin and Pyro 
have been leaders from
>Baronial level to Kingdom level. It will be a hard 
choice indeed when I go
>to the polling Monday night at MOOT, I am off from 
work Monday, thank
>    Dear Populace of Elfsea, please remember that 
this is a job that will
>require so much from these people that they will need 
all the help you can
>give them. They have been told that Landed Nobility 
will need to be super
>seneschals from this day forward. They will have the 
hardest job this
>Society has to offer. Please try to become their best 
friend, no matter what
>they need. Please give them their first year without 
expecting too much or
>holding mistakes against them. They will be testing 
the waters and finding
>their footing. 
>    Dear Candidates, if you are not chosen, please 
take all of the energy
>you are now planing to use as Landed Nobility and use 
it to support your new
>Baron and Baroness. You each have talents and 
strengths they do not and they
>will need you desparately. Don't wait for them to 
ask, they probably will
>not know what to ask for in the beginning. 
>    Dear Future Baron and Baroness, please try to 
make every person in the
>populace your best friend. They need it. When we 
stepped up, very few people
>were attending A&S and fighter practices, etc. We 
concentrated on attending
>as many baronial fuctions as possible. You must try 
to keep this up. People
>will go there partly because you will be there. Don't 
forget your populace
>in Loch Rudh (for as long as you have it), 
Dragon'sfire Tor, and the college
>(whether dormant or active) . When you travel, please 
advertise your plans
>and invite others to travel with you. Away travel is 
more fun when done as a
>group and it helps new people feel a part of the 
group if they are invited
>to travel with and camp with you in a community 
situation. When we were at
>events we spent more time with our populace than we 
did politicking with
>peers and royalty. I have seen other Landeds spend 
more time politicking
>with peers and royalty than visiting with their 
populace. Please try to find
>a happy medium, lest your populace feel left out and 
royalty feel ignored. 
>    The first year you will be getting you balance, 
and I for one will not
>hold any mistakes you make against you. The second 
year, I have heard from
>other nobility, you should have your stride and 
everything should start to
>fall into place. If you need to talk to anyone who 
understands your
>position, Mistress Xene and Don Llewelyn are very 
hospitable and so are
>Baron Fritz and Baroness Caitrin, although they have 
very different
>approaches, they give excellent advice. 
>Good Luck and God Bless, no matter who you are. 

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