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Though I am not a Baronial candidate...(laugh) though watch this space
closely, it might happen one day!

I think these are questions we all need to ask ourselves and prepare for.
This last Christmas was awful for us as most of you   know and we are still
recuperating slowly from our financial misfortunes. When we were forced to
move into my parent's home I was embarrassed more than I can put into words.
But I was also scared that I would not get to interact with the friends that
we have made over the years playing in the SCA and care for like our own
family (after all we had to move 2, almost 3 counties away and we only had 1
working car).

If this does happen to you, remember there's always this list (that's what
has kept me going then and still does).

If you have enough money for only one of you to day-trip an event, decide
which one of you really wants to go...and go!! You will have fun without
your spouse (and you might even make new friends or strengthen old
ones)...trust me on this one! :)

Work on your arts...especially the ones you can afford. This might be a good
opportunity to pick up a new art.

Come to Moot, Business Meetings, Guild meetings, fighter practices (official
and unofficial), and other get togethers, if you have the gas money...it's
free!! It will give you have the opportunity to see your friends and still
feel like an active member.

And finally, if you want to talk, please feel free contact me or anyone you
feel comfortable talking to...it does help.

(817) 460-3949  (I monitor my calls via the answering machine)

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1. If something happened to you, either financially or healthwise
(Heaven forbid!), that caused you to have to take a year-long hiatus
from the S.C.A., how would you feel? (crushed? relieved?, etc.)

2. In the above situation, what would you do with your free time?

Feel free to cross-post to the other lists.  I didn't because I'm not
subscribed to DFT & I use a different email address for LR.

Madelina de Lindesay

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