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That is what has been stated.

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  May we presume that, although polling is scheduled for 7:30, the doors will be open at our regular time of 7:00?

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    >The date and time of the polling is still the same and will take place 

    >Monday July 28,2003 at the Coors distribution center at 7:30 pm (Moot 
    >location) The polling will be conducted by a representative of the crown. 
    >Regarding members under the age of 18 participating in the poll, anyone who 
    >is a member and between the ages of 15-17 may participate. If you disagree 
    >with this please contact the kingdom seneschal. 
    >Mail in responses should be sent Duchess Julia the Central Regional 
    >seneschal and postmarked no later than July 28, 2003. Your letter should 
    >include your top three choices for landed, your name, your zip code, your 
    >membership number if you have one and your signature. Only the crown will 
    >see this information so leakage of your opinion will not be an issue. 
    >If you are unable to attend the polling and wish to have your written words 
    >hand delivered to the polling site, you should follow the same instructions 
    >listed for mailing in your polling opinion. Each correspondence regarding 
    >this matter should be in a separate closed envelope. You cannot have one 
    >large envelope and have multiple opinions from different people all in the 
    >same envelope. Each opinion from an individual must be in a individual and 
    >separate envelope. 
    >Also a provision is being made for those persons who have been long time and 
    >consistent Elfsea players both in the past and currently, who do not live 
    >within the confines of the barony or one of its satellite groups. I am 
    >putting together this list, if you feel you should be on this list please 
    >email me privately. I need this information by no later than Friday. 
    Cassandra Palfrey
    Deputy Seneschal

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