[Elfsea] Archery update

David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 27 20:55:30 PDT 2003

To those souls wondering what is happening with a
field i bring news :)

Tomorrow i will be checking out no less then two
fields WITH the parks and rec department that should
fit the current laws in which we must follow to hold a
regular practice. It is a slow process but i think we
got it nailed down. 

In the mean time here is what i propose for a practice

Saturday - between 10am and 1pm


Sunday - 10am to 1pm. 

I will leave it upto a majority vote. I am not above
running two practices on two different days - however
both a sat/sun i can not do and monday nights are out
do to RL commitments. 

I would like to see put together the following.

A bow division
A crossbow division
A children's division

I am a teacher in 3D target enviroment and Olyimpic
style shooting - both youth and adult - So beginner to
advanced will be MOST welcome. 

I would like to hold regular royal and ICAK shoots
within the practices as well. 

I will be checking on the state of Elfsea's gear in
the next week, i know we have loaner gear. Over the
course of the next two months i will personally be
bringing three loaner crossbows online. I have 1 now
in the availible status. With another in need of a
prod and the third still in the wood blank. No report
on the bow and arrow gear i will report that status


Ulrich of Carolingia
Elfsea Archery Marshal

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