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If you are going north out of Ft. worth on I-35W, take the Meacham exit
and scoot over to the building under the Coors sign.
If you are coming south on I-35W from 820, take the Meacham exit, go
east under 35, go more east to the next light, turn south
And go part the big new buildings to Mc Millian (it is a divided street,
or two one way streets) 
turn right into the west bound side which will take you back up to the
access to 35; just before that point there is 
a u-turn available on the left(median) side. Take the u-turn and you
will be right in front of the Coors parking lot. 
Watch out for people turning off the access road! See you there! Pyro
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Directions can be found on the elfsea web site but the physical address
is 2550 McMillan Parkway Ft. Worth Texas.
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Can someone please send directions or an address for tonight's moot?
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Moot will start at 7:00
Master Richard Fairbourne
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May we presume that, although polling is scheduled for 7:30, the doors
will be open at our regular time of 7:00?
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Subject: [Elfsea] Daily Polling Reminder
>The date and time of the polling is still the same and will take place 
>Monday July 28,2003 at the Coors distribution center at 7:30 pm (Moot 
>location) The polling will be conducted by a representative of the
>Regarding members under the age of 18 participating in the poll, anyone
>is a member and between the ages of 15-17 may participate. If you
>with this please contact the kingdom seneschal. 
>Mail in responses should be sent Duchess Julia the Central Regional 
>seneschal and postmarked no later than July 28, 2003. Your letter
>include your top three choices for landed, your name, your zip code,
>membership number if you have one and your signature. Only the crown
>see this information so leakage of your opinion will not be an issue. 
>If you are unable to attend the polling and wish to have your written
>hand delivered to the polling site, you should follow the same
>listed for mailing in your polling opinion. Each correspondence
>this matter should be in a separate closed envelope. You cannot have
>large envelope and have multiple opinions from different people all in
>same envelope. Each opinion from an individual must be in a individual
>separate envelope. 
>Also a provision is being made for those persons who have been long
time and 
>consistent Elfsea players both in the past and currently, who do not
>within the confines of the barony or one of its satellite groups. I am 
>putting together this list, if you feel you should be on this list
>email me privately. I need this information by no later than Friday. 
Cassandra Palfrey
Deputy Seneschal


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