[Elfsea] Southern Steppes Night

DonnelShaw@aol.com DonnelShaw at aol.com
Mon Jul 28 10:56:21 PDT 2003

It has been a long time since we have gathered. Our originally scheduled time 
is this Wed.  I was thinking that all those who are entering the Artisan 
competition with food and need to test their creations one last time before 
Artisan are welcome to bring a sampling to Southern Steppes. I know we would all be 
glad to taste such wonderful creations.  Also I believe that the crown will 
need to have scrolls painted and we can all sit down and do some of that for 
them as well. The Pell is in place and you all are welcome to practice. Also I 
would like to encourage anyone with youth that participate in the Boffer program 
to come out. Lugnasah is only a few weeks away and there will be a Boffer 
program there this year. Come and enjoy the fun. 

Lady Maili Donnel MacGregor

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