[Elfsea] Couch Potato Time

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Actually, the REAL "couch potato" time was last night - starting from seven
TCM ran "Knights of the Round Table," "Scaramouche," "At Sword's Point,"
"The Black Swan," and finally "Ivanhoe."  Blessings upon Radio Shack for 9
hour tapes...

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Wanted you all to know another Medieval program is out this month.  August
5, Tuesday, 10 p.m. on TLC, a program on King Arthur, archaeologists and
all, will air.  FYI. . .
And if you Really want to do it - Trading Spaces is doing a "medieval loft"
next week as well (grin).  Seriously - there's a helm hung from the ceiling,
and . . . .
Crossbows don't kill people.  
Quarrels do.
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