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>> > It is with heavy heart for myself and the others left behind, and
>> > with jubilation for her, that I announce the passing of Baroness
>> > Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora. Apparently she had a heart attack in
>> > her sleep either Thursday or Friday of last week. No funeral is
>> > planned; her body will be cremated and the ashes scattered over one
>> > of the Amerind reservations here in Florida. She dubbed me chatelaine
>> > of the household a few months back, but with autocratting A&S, I was
>> > too busy to get all her apprentices and protegees together. I am now
>> > asking that any of "hers", please contact me so that we may arrange a
>> > memorial service for her at the Labor Day weekend event.
>> >
>> > In service I remain,
>> > HL Aislinn Columba of Carlisle
>> > proud apprentice and protegee of Mistress Atalaya
>> >

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