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Welcome to the area, we hope to see you soon. 

Keally Tiller
Lady Colleen O'Kelly
Heiress FalconRose
Clan MacBraun
Screaming Spoon

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My mundane career has brought me from the Northern Kingdom to Decatur, which is as near as I can figure in the fine Barony of Elfsea....  if this is indeed so, I hope to become more aquainted with the group this fall as the school year levels out...

I've had the pleasure of playing in and around Elfsea on occaison the last couple of years, so I likely know members of the populace...  though that might be an unknown known as that I don't know for sure what I know....  : )   

and I'm better with faces than names.... though I eventually learn them too...

Laird Uilliacc,
a scot formerly of Northkeep, and Eldern Hills,
Member of Gunnarssteadt, 
friend of Broken Ax, and the Spoons, 
Known to households including Wolfstar, The Amazons, Falconrose, Black Company, assorted members of Portos.... and always looking to add aquaintances... 

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