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Robin and I also just got through their phone interviews and are also
having a face-to-face  next Wed!

Richard,  can Aetna handle this many medievalists?


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uh oh... looks like Colete and I might be working at the same
place...... :)  Good news they have a bunch like more than 10+ postions
open or thats what they told me (richard can you confirm this?) 

The other good news is that I got through there 3 phone interviews and
have a skillstest/interview this coming Wed!  So wish me and Colete luck
and luck to the rest looking for work!


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>> Good company to work for with paid vacation and excellent health 
>> benefits. Especially good company for women.
>> IF the job interests you go to the following link
>> Just let me know if you are going to apply.
>> Master Richard Fairbourne
>   Bless you, dear Richard. Thank you... applying!
>Colete at stickjock.com
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