[Elfsea] Highland Games

Wilim Penbras ap Gurgeneu wilim.penbras at pandora.org
Sun Jun 1 01:08:18 PDT 2003

Missed it by that much.  The event of the century you missed was Rebekah's
and my going away party.  And it was a party.  Personally I am oh so
comfortably numb.  Rebekah's on Meds that keep her from being able to drink
so she's not numb.  Still being the Texas girl she is I'm sure she'll get
numb from the cold in Canada pretty early, relatively speaking.  Anyway I'm
sorry I won't make Highland Games but you haven't missed them yet.  You'll
still have your chance to buy whatever drinks you may have promised. Next
weekend when the Games actually start. <G>

Still I'm sorry you and Dux had things to do.  It would have been nice to
see y'all before we go.

(who managed to type after 13 or 14 beer with a minimum of typos.)
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Sorry that I was unable to make it out to Highland Games.  I just got a new
job that wanted me to start working immediately.  I apologize to all for not
being there to support Elfsea and to purchase the drinks that I had promised
to do so earlier and take to Highland Games..

See ya later,

Isolda von Rugen

aka Vix (Mundane Nickname)

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