[Elfsea] Offtopic: Vix's Job..

Victoria Shetler vixster13 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 1 15:27:56 PDT 2003

Heh, GRRR!

Apparently, my job was not meant to be..  I found out today that there was a
demand for me to sign up models at a mere $1000.00 approx. entrance fee.
..:(  I felt pretty slimed by them since they basically got me to do two
days of work (photos an such) for them already at their show.  I would much
rather be broke than sell my integrity out.  I hate feeling like I am
screwing someone over, especially since we as employees were told not to say
that it was a sales pitch.. ACK!

Ah well,

Better to have learned now then lost later..

Isolda von Rugen
aka Vix (mundane nickname)

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