[Elfsea] Newcomers revel June 21

Lady saviti ddancer_saviti at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 3 18:53:46 PDT 2003

Good new for those who have found the SCA or who are
about to find it (can we say Highland Games?)

Elfesa is having a newcomers revel in Ft. Worth so
that those who would like to see what we do and all
kinds of hands on A&S activities. I have a sign up
list for those who are intrested in helping out and
showing folks how "they used to do this" and all kinds
fun activities.

Here is what all is being offered.....

Outside there should be three camps set up if
possible. One period  camp, one half mundane and half
period and one mundane camp.

Station 1 costuming manikin with elaborate gown,
patterns, fabric samples, looms both table and inkle.
Drop spindle and spinning wheel with examples of wool,
linen and other natural fibers, dyes and tools used to
dye fabrics. Any kind of fabric art is needed please

Station 2-feast table set up for late period and early
period styles and some sample foods to nibble on.
Books with information about cookery and herbs/spices.
Samples of tools used to cook over campfires and a

Station 3 Armor tree(s) with armor, shields, tools for
making armor, Reference books, supplies for armor
(leather, rivets, buckles, metal) gambeson and what
ever else goes with armor making.

Station 4 items used to build SCA weapons, Bows and
arrows, tools and supplies to make arrows and such.
Fighting style reference books and armor books.

Station 5 European dance with reference books, music

Station 6 Musical instruments, sheet music, reference
books etc.

Station 7 Bardic. Story telling books, songs and
performance references etc.

Station 8, 9 an 10 open

I am open for what we are doing for the open spaces. I
would like to see a quest for children and other fun
things geared for kids.

Yes, this is opposite Lindenwoods masked ball but the
newcomers will be gone just after 6 and as soon as
things are tidy I plan on heading over to the ball as
quickly as possible! I have very fond memories of that
event and am looking forward to joining in.

I am in need of a deputy or two, three,
four....(chuckle) to help make this run smooth. THis
is a great opportunity for one to get their feet wet
running this kind of venue.

Please contact me off list (till I can figure out why
I am not getting list email) so I can see where things

Till later.....

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