[Elfsea] UPDATE: Warlord 30 T-shirts, Mugs, bags

Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 5 05:15:22 PDT 2003

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When I went to pick up the last shirts people had asked me to bring this weekend, there were only three more left unsold - a 2XL, a 3XL, and a 4XL, all gold.

I will have them all and a few extra bags at the Scottish Festival on Sunday.  I also have all the ones that were ordered, except for the person who wanted black, as well as the bags and mug.  I am not bringing mugs to the games, but can get them for you.  The lady who is holding everything said she will be at Lindenwood Masked Ball and can bring them there, or Steppes meetings if you want to come over thisaway.

I'll have a registration sheet for people who want to order T-shirts.  The new run will be only black with yellow printing.  You can ask for any size(s) you need, and prepay the $10.00.  They will be ordered in early July and I will bring them to a moot or business meeting once they arrive.

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