[Elfsea] New Patterns uploaded

Michelle Dodd lygabrielerdb at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 5 17:02:52 PDT 2003

Is there a way to change the size of the patterns? Some of them wouldn't fit
on one page & print preview wouldn't show any other pages. I even tried
changing the page setup & still couldn't get them to fit.


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>Before I left, I uploaded some patterns for your sewing enjoyment.  If you
>are coming to the Highland Games and have nothing to demo, download a
>pattern, buy some basic sewing equipment (cloth, hoop and floss) and sew
>away!  When you get done with the piece keep it or give to the Barony for
>largess or prizes.
>If you have want something loaded onto the site (i.e. heraldry, devices,
>etc.), please let me know and I'll see what I can do to help you.
>Yours In Service,
>Protege to Mistress Xene Theriane
>Barony of Elfsea
>Kingdom of Ansteorra
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