[Elfsea] Newcomers revel June 21

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Fri Jun 6 19:30:30 PDT 2003

Are you setting anything up for equestrian? Possibly some photos? Ring
lance, throwing spear, maybe a some horse barding? Equestrian is becoming an
important part of our events & would probably be of interest to the local
people. I am sure the local equestrians will be happy to help with this. I
have a ring lance & throwing spear I can loan you, but am not sure how I can
get them to you.


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>Subject: [Elfsea] Newcomers revel June 21
>Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 18:53:46 -0700 (PDT)
>Good new for those who have found the SCA or who are
>about to find it (can we say Highland Games?)
>Elfesa is having a newcomers revel in Ft. Worth so
>that those who would like to see what we do and all
>kinds of hands on A&S activities. I have a sign up
>list for those who are intrested in helping out and
>showing folks how "they used to do this" and all kinds
>fun activities.
>Here is what all is being offered.....
>Outside there should be three camps set up if
>possible. One period  camp, one half mundane and half
>period and one mundane camp.
>Station 1 costuming manikin with elaborate gown,
>patterns, fabric samples, looms both table and inkle.
>Drop spindle and spinning wheel with examples of wool,
>linen and other natural fibers, dyes and tools used to
>dye fabrics. Any kind of fabric art is needed please
>Station 2-feast table set up for late period and early
>period styles and some sample foods to nibble on.
>Books with information about cookery and herbs/spices.
>Samples of tools used to cook over campfires and a
>Station 3 Armor tree(s) with armor, shields, tools for
>making armor, Reference books, supplies for armor
>(leather, rivets, buckles, metal) gambeson and what
>ever else goes with armor making.
>Station 4 items used to build SCA weapons, Bows and
>arrows, tools and supplies to make arrows and such.
>Fighting style reference books and armor books.
>Station 5 European dance with reference books, music
>Station 6 Musical instruments, sheet music, reference
>books etc.
>Station 7 Bardic. Story telling books, songs and
>performance references etc.
>Station 8, 9 an 10 open
>I am open for what we are doing for the open spaces. I
>would like to see a quest for children and other fun
>things geared for kids.
>Yes, this is opposite Lindenwoods masked ball but the
>newcomers will be gone just after 6 and as soon as
>things are tidy I plan on heading over to the ball as
>quickly as possible! I have very fond memories of that
>event and am looking forward to joining in.
>I am in need of a deputy or two, three,
>four....(chuckle) to help make this run smooth. THis
>is a great opportunity for one to get their feet wet
>running this kind of venue.
>Please contact me off list (till I can figure out why
>I am not getting list email) so I can see where things
>Till later.....
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