[Elfsea] Highland games reminder

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Personally, I always get suspicious when my kids are quiet.  The Mom Radar goes off.  This morning, it happened, and I discovered Weyland had dumped out a large container (I mean Sam's Club large.) of parmesan cheese (thankfully only about 1/4 full) on a bed, and had Hot Wheels cars and army men arranged artfully in the granules.  So Weyland's bottom is now smarting, and Daddy is busy drawing up plans for a sand box outside.  Weyland has previously gotten his britches tanned for doing the same thing with salt, sugar, and even laundry soap.  Yep, it's definitely time for a sand box.


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> sleeping in is for wimps and single people ;-)

OH no! Sleeping in is for those of us who have kids that know how to be quiet. Your time will come someday soon.

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