[Elfsea] Highland Games Update

Glen Wilkerson gdwilkerson at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 8 05:41:39 PDT 2003

It is raining steadily, but lightly, in the areas north of I-20, and the
forecast calls for it to taper off toward the late morning and early
afternoon.  The good news is that the temperature should stay comfortable
for the rest of the day.

Alaric (Who was a little under the weather Friday night and Saturday, and
who will be out in the weather today...)

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>It is raining steadily in Arlington.
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>> Just to let people know, it is raining steadily in Benbrook right now,
>> so be prepared for possibly the same at the Highland Games.
>> Ceatta
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>> Thanks for everyone coming out to the Highland Games today -- it appears
>> to have been a success.  Tomorrow, Sunday June 8th, we plan on being
>> there around 8:00 a.m. for setup/rearrangement of the tables and A&S.
>> Also, since Sunday morning is always slow, the first fighting demo will
>> start at 1:30 p.m., as per Lord Elfsea.
>> Also, on the way home, I listened to the weather forecast.  Low tonight
>> in the lower 60s, 40% chance of rain tonight and in the morning, with
>> highs in the lower 80s.
>> See everyone tomorrow.
>> Lord Ceatta o Gulcleth
>> Demo Coordinator, Barony of Elfsea
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