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I'll skip the tape, thanks.  Heh heh, Logan says if you never had lice or pin worms as a kid, you didn't have many friends.  My four siblings and I never had lice, but we did get pin worms once, and didn't have a sand box.  My kids and a couple of their friends kept giving each other lice back and forth about three or four rotations until we notified all the parents involved and treated not only the bedding, furniture, and clothes, but also the seats in the car.  I ended up with lice twice during this period, so I guess I didn't have any friends until I was an adult??  LOL

Of course, this is completely OT and sort of gross, so apologies to all who might be offended.  Of course, we could get into a discussion of period methods of treatment.  :)


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> Yep, it's definitely time for a sand box.
> Madelina

But the problem with that is Pin worms. You don't want to deal with it.  Just like lice. Everyone is treated.

Horror stories of PreK available on tape soon.:)


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