[Elfsea] Morgan's UPDATE: Warlord T-shirts, Bags & Mugs

Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 9 06:30:51 PDT 2003

Muireann said:

> Morgan Cain will be at KWDMS and TSF this weekend with
> order forms for Steppes Warlord XXX T-shirts.
> Morgan may be able to provide additional opportunities to order
> T-shirts.  I ask that she post her availability to these lists at her
> earliest convenience.

Yes, ma'am!  <g>  The only problem was remembering the W-30 prices after
spending most of the weekend selling KWDMS bags and shirts.

I did have W-30 shirts and bags at both places.  Completed deliveries to
persons who had asked me to bring items.  I still have two shirts and some
bags left.  They will be at Elfsea Cooking Guild tonight, and I will be
returning any remaining to Muireann tomorrow or the next day.  If you still
want a gold, and are a bigger size, let me know.

I also took orders for the black shirts.  If you missed the opportunity, I
honestly don't know what I will be doing locally after tonight, before the
Steppes July Business Meeting.  I am going to King's College, and then to
Lilies.  I could come to the Elfsea populace meeting if enough people from
that side of the duality want to place orders.

Please forward this to the Canton lists, as I am not on them.

                                            ---= Morgan

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