[Elfsea] Re: wall hangings

willow Taylor willowjonbardc at juno.com
Mon Jun 9 16:57:04 PDT 2003

Dear folk greetings from Willow de Wisp

If any of you where at the KWDS you saw the wall hanging  various people
and I have made. I think all the groups in the Metro plex  have used
these wall hangings at one time or another. I find myself with a little
time on my hands and would like to make some more. Especially I would
like to make some Renaissance ones. The problem is, while I have the
paint and time I don't have the material I need. Her Majesty told me that
sometimes you latter period people can end up with as much  as two yards
of fabric left over from one of your costumes. I can make a wall hanging
with two yards of 60 or 54 inch material. If anyone has two or more yards
of tapestry material that they can spare it would be put to good use as a
wall hanging. I promise you it would be taken care of and would greatly
add  to the atmosphere of events in this area.

Thank you

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