[Elfsea] Yet more Warlord 30 Lost-and-Flotsam items

Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 10 05:28:18 PDT 2003

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*sigh*  Just when I thought I was getting ahead of it.....  These items were given to me last night, and are probably all items that were in the hall because they are clean:

1)    Two blue bags with tan fleur-de-lys printed on them, tan ribbon.

2)    Oxblood leather and dark red velvet ankle cuff with two rows of bells.

3)    Dancing scarf, red with black, gold threads woven through and gold design.

I still have many of the lost-and-flotsam items.  We have armor, weapons, coolers, chairs, a table, clothing, a sleeping bag, pillows, feast ware, tablecloths, napkins in matched pairs, a lantern, a mug, a basket of stuff, baskets without stuff, a big clear box, a tarp, and someone's ID (I've been trying to reach him).

We'd like for it to go home.

I'm taking a number of items to King's College that have already been claimed.  If you spotted something on the list and we can make arrangements by Thursday, I will try to bring your things too.  Otherwise, we can talk about getting them back to you.  I'm not going to bring random lots of things for people to look through, only specific items.

Items not retrieved may be sold at auction to benefit the Barony, the Gulf Wars Gate Fund (there seems to be a huge mortgage to pay off, especially as we now have to add yearly flamingo-proofing), the Kingdom Travel Fund, or some other useful cause.


                              ---= Morgan (who wants that half of the garage back!)

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