[Elfsea] July Scroll

Joe Pelfrey joepelfrey at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 10 05:42:35 PDT 2003

Good gentles,

Please remember that the deadline for the July Scroll is five days away!

Also, a quick note on the Scroll competitions that are being sponsored by HL
Raimond.  Please remember that the artwork you submit is being printed in a
black and white format and then copied.  I can accept artwork
electronically, contact me concerning file formats.  I can scan hand drawn
artwork as well.

If you are not currently a subscriber to the Elfsea Scroll, why not?  Some
of the things that you have missed in the last two Scrolls are:

A Message from the Crown
Detailed Officer Reports
Event Announcements
A Great Article on Communication from Mistress Stella
A List of Jewelry Websites from Pyro

To subscribe, please give $6.00 to our Exchequer, Lady Aislyn, and she will
give me your mailing address.  It is THAT simple.

Come join the growing list of subscribers to the Elfsea Scroll!

In Service,

Lord William Palfrey

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